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Bangalore Unit is the first Plant of ITI set up in 1948. With its, vertically integrated, infrastructure a vast range of telecom products are manufactured. They include Digital switches, Next Generation Network equipment, Digital Microwave equipment, Satellite communication equipment, Defence Secrecy equipment, Access products, Terminal equipment.


ASCON project solutions

Defence Products

3D printing

Contract manufacturing

EMC and EMI testing services

Printed circuit board manufacturing

HDPE pipes

GSM maintenance services

Data center hosting services

WiFi Access Point

5c and other Telephones

Aadhaar Authentication services

PCM Secrecy



Mechanical Fabricaton and Assembly

Machines Available :

CNC Turret Punch Press (30 tons), NC Pressbrakes (upto 120 tons), CNC Shearing (2.5 mtrs) and General purpose machines Capability: Handling sheet metal work of 2mm thickness of stainless steel, 2.5mm MS & 3.2mm Aluminium Capacity: Process about 100 tons of Sheet Metal per month

Through-Hole Component Assembly

Capability :Dual wave and Nitrogen atmosphere wave soldering

Capacity : 36 million components per annum

PCB Manufacturing

Capability :Single Layer to 4 Layer

Capacity : 3000 Sq.Metres per annum

Testing Facilities

In-Circuit Testers (upto 2000 nodes) Capability :Detects open, short, continuity, correctness of the components with respect to Orientation, Value, etc

Capacity : 1,50,000 cards per year (average) Functional testing for cards System Testing

Plastic Injection Technology

Capability: 25 to 300 tons

Capacity: 0.5 million shots per annum

Tool Room

Capability:Manufacture and maintenance of moulding tools, press tools, jigs & fixtures

Capacity:Supporting in-house requirements


Capability: Electroplating and Powder coating facilities

Capacity: Supporting in-house fabrication

Nickle Plating
Non-cyanide plating
Upgraded Zinc Phosphating plant

Other Support Facilities

  • EMI Shielded Chamber
  • Electrical Test Lab.
  • Mechanical Test Lab.
  • Chemical Test Lab
  • Environmental Testing Facility

Total Turnkey Solutions

  • CDMA Network : 4.4 Million Lines - Supply, Installation and Commissioning for BSNL
  • Army Static Communication Network (ASCON) for Defence Forces (Covering entire country)
  • CIVICON PROJECT for Ministry of Home Affairs (Turn-key Network Implementation)
  • CARNATION Project for Indian ARMY (Wide Area Strategic Network)
  • IDR Project for BSNL
  • Point to Point Satellite based Links for RCPO
  • LICO VSAT for Indian ARMY
  • SCPC DAMA Equipment

Bangalore Unit

Contact Details

Unit Head
Bangalore Plant and R&D,
ITI Limited, Dooravaninagar,
Bangalore-560016, Karnataka,India.

Phone : 080-25651340, 080-28503902
Fax : 080-25650400

Email : unithead_bgp[at]itiltd[dot]co[dot]in

Quality system

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

Enivronmental Policy

Quality Policy


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